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Various Categories of Web Hosting

There are certain companies whose main focus is to offer server space to a number of businesses for rent. You will note that they have a data center that is responsible for housing these servers. It can either be a room or an entire house. As a website owner, you will be exposed to a number of web hosting services. It is prudent that you understand their details before you commit to a particular one. These types of web hosting servers are as illustrated below. In most cases, you will find that there are four categories. You will make a choice based on the needs of your business website.

We first look at the shared type of hosting. You will learn that this kind of website will in most cases involve placing your website among others on a given web host server. All the relevant domains will have to share a common pool of the resources of this server. Such will often include both RAM and the CPU. You will realize that this kind of web host server will occasionally be relatively affordable. It is therefore suitable for a website that has moderate traffic. It is necessary that this website be running on a standard software too. It is really appreciated especially among people that are coming into this field for the first time. You will also note that it demands for little technical knowledge. We then have the virtual private server. This is mostly characterized by a number of several virtual servers that are brached from the main one. This will make it seem as though the websites are being hosted by various dedicated servers even though they will be on a similar main server. It is ideal for websites that need much control although they do not need a dedicated server.

We then have the dedicated server. This one will guarantee you of maximum control over the server that is responsible for hosting your website. It means you will have rented the whole server. This will in most cases be more pricy. You are however guaranteed that you will get quality performance from your website. You will be able to control everything without any inconveniences. It is appropriate for websites that are likely to have moderately high traffic flow.

We then have the cloud web host server. You will learn that it has the capacity to handle heavy traffic flow as well as traffic spikes. In this case, you will find that there will be a huge number of servers that work together such that it now becomes possible to host a number of websites at a go. As such, many computers will be able to work together to handle high traffic. They are really worth depending upon at any time. They will however cost you a little more.

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