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The Role of a Personal Running Coach

Running is a sport done by many and even competitions have been held for this purpose. Running on serious terms is seen grouped together with race walking, throwing and jumping and is referred to as athletics. The most famous competition that involves running and other sporting activities is the Olympics. Most people who participate in sporting activities are talented and practice to become perfect. Those who run for competition wake up very early to perfect their skill. The benefits include; cardiovascular benefits, weight loss and mental health benefits. Like for cardiovascular benefits there is total reduction of blood cholesterol, bone strengthening with inclusion of increased bone density, immune system strengthening and an added plus of improved self-esteem and emotional state.

Mental health is important and through running this is well maintained and enjoyed leaving one in an elated euphoric state or the a runners high as commonly known. Thus those people who suffer from depression and addiction are advised to run as it is a form of therapy to improve their mental health and well being. Since when you run calories are burned thus improving body composition and staying in shape. Running is known to increase one’s metabolism thus resulting to burning of calories. Thus to get the overall weight loss effects runners should be consistent as it takes time for different people.

Through guiding and improving your running, a running coach is needed for the best results. Some reasons have been distinguished as to why one needs a running coach. A running coach needs to help a runner identify his goals so as to work towards accomplishment of it. Goal setting is important for runners so as to avoid laziness and procrastination which are not valuable traits.

In addition to goal setting the goals need not to be too general as it can be a cause of laziness. Aside from not setting general goals, unrealistic goals also should be avoided. Not every-day is a good day and even the most dedicated runners would want to skip their workout. A reason to continue with running is through motivation and can be enhanced by a running coach.

The next reason to have a running coach is they individualize training. From the questions asked by a running coach he is able to assess the results then create a training schedule. By having a training plan it ensures a runner is healthy, happy and motivated. The running coaches have a plan that aids in avoiding injury and adjusting training if it occurs. A running coach will help in building a foundation of long and strong running while at the same time safely introducing longer distances and harder workouts. Accessible online running coaches are able to keep in touch with the client and update them on the various workout routines.

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